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Welcome to Lextreme: Toyota and Lexus V8 Engines

Welcome to Lextreme, the home of engine management and conversion systems in South Africa. We supply the highest-quality running engines and transmission units for Toyota and Lexus V8 conversions, as well as superior Lexus parts and service. more...


Lexus V8 Engines

Are you looking for a high-quality Lexus V8 engine for sale? Lextreme stocks a wide range of Lexus V8 engines in excellent condition, competitively priced and pre-wired for installation. more...

2JZ-GTE Lexus IS250

Toyota Engines

If you’re looking for the highest quality Toyota engines, you’ve come to the right place! Lextreme supplies a wide range of Toyota engines at competitive prices. more...

Lexus V8 Cords

Lexus V8 Parts For Sale

We have a very wide range of parts you would require to do a conversion as well as spare parts of all the V8 Lexus engines from the old Lexus V8 1UZ through to the V8 Lexus 3UZ. (more…)
V8 Lexus Cars

V8 Lexus Car Videos

Some nice stuff to see on what people get up to with Lexus V8 engines. This is all up to what you are looking for with your choice of engine and should be confirmed in your mind (more…)
V8 Lexus 4X4 Videos

V8 Lexus 4X4

Here are some V8 Lexus 4X4 Videos of vehicles that have been converted. This gives a good idea of the difference in applications. The Lexus V8 (more…)
1989 Lexus V8 1UZ-FE Engine 800X600

DIY Lexus V8 Projects

DIY Lexus V8 Projects will give you all you need to know about Lexus V8 engines when working on them yourself. This is a good thing as you will learn the in's and outs about how everything works  (more…)

Pre-Wired Lexus V8 Engines

Pre-Wired Lexus V8 Engines make it easy for our customers to have there engines in perfect running order before going through the processes of installing into there vehicles. (more…)
3UZ FE Hilux for sale

Lextreme Vehicles For Sale

Lextreme Vehicles For Sale

We are selling some professionally converted vehicles. These have been Conversion Demo vehicles to show clients the correct methods of doing a conversion.

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Engine sales: Our Lexus engines are quality tested, pre-wired and built to legal specifications to ensure client satisfaction. All are running with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standard Lexus engine management system. Parts: We stock a wide range of high-quality Toyota and Lexus parts at competitive rates. Install guide: Download our complete Lexus conversion installation guide for help in completing your engine conversion, or read the technical information for useful advice, tips and guidelines.

Lexus V8 conversions

At Lextreme, we share your passion for the power and exceptional performance of Lexus V8 engines. Our team boasts many years of experience in Lexus conversions and Toyota engines, and is trained to use the latest tools, technology and technique to ensure a seamless, cost-effective conversion. Having specialised in Toyota and Lexus systems for more than a decade, Lextreme has become one of the leading Lexus conversion companies in South Africa. We’re relied upon by Lexus enthusiasts around the country – and even further afield – to provide world-class service, parts and technical support. Every Lexus V8 conversion that we undertake is done professionally and affordably, providing you with the best quality parts at the most competitive rates.

Get a quote for Lexus V8 conversion

Whether you desire a complete Lexus conversion or require specialised parts, advice or service, our highly trained team has the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing only the best service, support and parts, and look forward to helping you build your dream car. Contact Lextreme now for a quote, or for advice and information on Lexus conversions.             Contact Lextreme Now!


Lexus V8 Lextreme

Lexus V8 Lextreme

Lexus V8 Lextreme

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