Lextreme Engine Management Systems go by the belief that Lexus manufacture the highest quality V8 engines, and have a product range of excellence to be proud of. There are a lot of “converted” vehicles on the road in South Africa with Lexus V8 drive-train transplants that are a disappointment resulting in poor performance and mechanical reliability.

The Original OEM engine management system has been designed to run the engine and transmission as a unit.  As a result one gets a beautifull gear change and a luxury feel to the vehicle while maintaining the correct fuel to air ratios.

Lextreme started working on the V8 Lexus engine managements over 12 years ago, learning the systems of Toyota/Lexus and creating a reliable method of running the OEM engine and transmission management as a stand alone system for the conversion industry.

Now with hundreds of units out there and all running flawlessly, the system is proven without doubt. Keeping things simple, always means less to go wrong. We can supply literally all the spare parts for your Lexus V8 engine and gearbox.

We are also one of the few company’s that can offer ungoverned ECU’s without any aftermarket modification  to the engine computer system.

Toyota had huge budgets placed on the mechanical design and engine management control units (ECU, ECM) to be able to produce a piece of art that monitors all areas of the drive train and constantly reprograms itself to run with perfection. A person can get a good idea of what they are capable of by visiting www.lextreme.com or www.toymods.org.au

The main services Lextreme offer are sales of pre-wired running engines and transmission drivetrains using OEM management, Lexus and Toyota parts supply, as well as vehicle engine conversions in selected vehicles.

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LFA Lextreme Lexus V8

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Lexus Lextreme V8

Lextreme Lexus V8

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