Doing a Conversion DIY

Doing a Conversion DIY

Doing a Conversion DIY

We are going to put this together properly,,,,,, and I hate this word,,, “BUT” this segment of the site must be put together carefully to describe the correct manner of creating a master piece that you can be proud off. Not a easy task as every vehicle has its own issues to overcome. The main thing is to remember that there is a correct way and a make plan way… Don’t go the make plan way as you will always be reminded of it and you will end up hating it. Never fall into a perception that you regret going this route as there is only one person you can blame. It will either be a case of you blaming the mechanical or you blaming something else but the common denominator will always be YOU.

We would like to put this together in a way that will set you in the right direction from the start.

Please be patient as this will be an article that we hope will for fill a lot of enthusiasts.

Coming soon…

I think we should build a simple 2×4 hilux… Lets say twin turbo and a bit off luxury and performance as a mix…. This will be added on all the time as a project going on.. Hope you enjoy it.


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