DIY Lexus V8 Projects

DIY Lexus V8 Projects being added to every day.

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DIY Lexus V8 Projects will give all you need to know about Lexus V8 engines when working on them yourself. DIY Lexus V8 Projects is a good thing as you will learn the in’s and outs about how everything works on these engines. Not to say things are problematic with the V8 Lexus range as that would be totally untrue. They are extremely reliable and probable the best engines one can buy for a conversion. One can buy all the parts required locally and have a huge support base.
If there is anything not on this list in DIY Lexus V8 Projects, please let us know and we will add the topic and required information.

1UZ-FE Engine Technical

Wiring Diagrams For UZ Engines

Lextreme Customer Welcome Packs

1JZGTE VVT Welcome Pack

2JZGTE VVT Welcome Pack

1UZFE VVT Rear Harness Welcome Pack

1UZFE VVT Front Harness Welcome Pack

3UZFE VVT 5 Speed Welcome Pack

3UZFE VVT 6 Speed Welcome Pack

2GRFSE Quad VVT 6 Speed Welcome Pack

3GRFSE Quad VVT 6 Speed Welcome Pack

4GRFSE Quad VVT 6 Speed Welcome Pack


Electrical, Sensors and switches    

Cam Position Sensors

Ignition Coils 

High Tention Cables

Checking a Crankshaft Position Sensor

Firing Order


Throttle Position Sensors 

Lexus V8 Distributers and Igniters

Solid Axle Hilux Rev Counter Mod For Lexus V8

Speed Sensors

Spark Plugs

Knock Sensor

Oxygen Sensors  

Air Flow Meters 

Transmission Switch 

Lexus V8 Speed Limiter (Coming Soon)

Cruise Control Wiring Diagrams and information 

Wiring Your Alternator Lexus V8 Charging System

Wiring Up an Air Con Pump (Coming Soon)

Fixing Your Starter Motor 

Wiring Up Your Speedometer (Coming Soon)

Wiring Up Your Tachometer (Coming Soon)

Wiring up Your Water Temp Gauge (Coming Soon)

Fault Finding Procedures And Toyota Trouble Codes or flash codes (Coming Soon)

Reading Diagnostics (Coming Soon)

Engine Control Unit Types (Coming Soon)



Changing Your Fan Belt

Fuel Pumps

Changing a Cam Belt for Lexus V8 1UZ VVT and 3UZFE

Idle Control Valves

5 speed transmission break-down

How to replace a Lexus V8 Front Crank Seal 

Toyota V8 Water Temperature Sensor (EFI)

How to change your cam shaft seals on a Lexus V8

Head Gasket Change Procedure

Lexus V8 Sub Assembly Build 

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Injector Inspection 

Installing the Torque Converter into the Transmission

Power Steering Pumps 

Water Pumps 

Making a 4X4 Transfer case adaptor (Coming Soon)

Building an air box (Coming Soon)

Setting Up Your Cooling System (Coming Soon)

Building Lexus V8 Engine Mountings (Coming Soon)

Doing a Conversion DIY (Coming Soon)

Make an Adapter for prop shafts (Coming Soon)

DIY Lexus V8 Projects is all about trying to supply everything our clients would need to complete there conversions or keep an eye on there preferred installer to insure proper fitments. If there is anything you would like to see in addition on our DIY Lexus V8 Projects page please let us know. We want our DIY Lexus V8 Projects page to be as complete as possible.

We can supply a great deal to do the job right, insuring you will not end up with bad conversions as a result of incorrect parts of advice. You can visit our shop on for all your parts requirements.

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