V8 Lexus 4X4

Here are some V8 Lexus 4X4 Videos of vehicles that have been converted. This gives a good idea of the difference in applications. The Lexus V8 is an all round favorite engine for obvious reasons.  They are very tough and proven so throughout the world as there are a lot of people that abuse them to the extent most engines would simply fail. They have six bolt mains and boast a full aluminium block. Beautiful engineering. They have made there name world wide to the extent most people are turning away from the older school American V8’s and turning to the Toyota / Lexus V8’s. It is a simple factor of four valves per cylinder with a great ratio between torque and kilowatt. For race track applications to torque and power it is simply the best engine to go for. It also has unbelievable value for money.

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