Fixing Your Starter Motor

Fixing Your Starter Motor

Fixing Your Starter Motor is usually a case of cleaning it and getting rid of the old perished gasket in the solenoid rear cap for a new one or sealing it with a gasket compound. It is very seldom that the starter would require any further repair other than that.

Cause of failure

This is very simple so don’t let people fool you in saying it is a problem with these engines. The fact is these engines were designed to do a lot more mileage than they have done. The problem starts with the simple fact that is is a V8 with the starter being between the V bank under the intake manifold. There are two drain holes under the intake manifold to drain away trapped water. They are situated on the face of the starter fitment face. They are around 8mm and get clogged due to dirt, leaves and other matter. This causes the water to get trapped and pretty much submerge the starters solenoid. If the gasket on the solenoid cover has perished, then this will cause either calk build up or simple rust that will interfere with the contacts of the starter. Another simple fault caused by this gasket failure is the solenoid getting stuck in the cover plate stopping it from moving and engaging the starter unit.

 Repair Of Failure

Simply remove the intake in a complete unit by removing the six bolts and four nute securing it to the cylinder heads. This makes it a ten minute job to access the starter to begin repair.

Remember to disconnect the battery prior to removing components from the engine. Once the intake manifold has been removed you can bolt out the starter motor and remove the main power supply to the starter motor.

Place the starter on a work bench and remove the three securing screws for the solenoid cover. You will find the gasket in a recess in the cover. Clean this area and prepare the surface for a gasket compound. Before even thinking of reassembly check the contacts in the starter and clean them with a scourer or another scrubbing material. Be sure the solenoid cap inner is clean of rust as this will crab your solenoid pin is it is dirty. Once all the solodoind components have been cleaned you can apply a gasket compound to the solenoid cap and reassemble the unit with the three securing screws. It is always advisable to check the operation of the starter once it is reassembled as you don’t want to waist your time and have to dismantle everything twice. Check the operation of the starter directly on a battery before reinstalling.

Unrepairable Damage

If it is found that you have actual mechanical damage you will have no choice but to replace the unit. You can contact our sales team and they will do a trade in for a replacement unit or a full item sale.

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