Igniters for the Lexus V8 are a common area of problems when installed incorrectly. It is vital they have a good ground mounting point as they rely on there casing to supply them with a negative. If they are nor grounded properly they will simply stop the engine from running as they will not give the engine control unit a conformation signal.

The igniters physically fires the ignition coils in response to the ECU’s signal. Computers generally produce low amperage signals as outputs, much lower than necessary to fire the coil.

Mounted to the right side strut tower.

The igniters consists of a power transistor and circuitry to provide a tachometer output.

The igniters are essentially electronic relays. They receive a “trigger” from the ECU and responds by turning a higher amperage current to the ignition coils on and off. Each time a spark is produced an ignition confirmation (IGF) signal is sent to the ECU.

If you find you have a faulty ignition module you can contact us at Lextreme for a new or second hand unit. They are extremely reliable so it is highly unusual that one has gone bad but they can be tested

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