Injector Inspection

Injector Inspection

Injector Inspection Injection

CAUTION: Keep injector clear of sparks during the test.

Firstly disconnect the fuel inlet hose from the fuel tube.

Lexus V8 Injector Disconnection From Fuel Tube

Injector Disconnection From Fuel Tube on the Lexus V8 Engines

This is done with specialized equipment but can be done in a simple situation as well.

You can remove all the injectors from the fuel rail and intake manifold so they can be tested individually.

Lexus V8 Injector check

Manually Spraying an injector for a lexus v8 engine

If you have no LEXUS hand-held tester, connect the positive (+) and negative (-) leads from the battery to the fuel pump connector.

Injection volume: 60 – 73 (3.7 – 4.5 per 15 Sec. Difference between each injector: 13 (0.6 or less.
If the injection volume is not as specified, replace the injector or try and clean the injector to obtain the correct results.


Lexus V8 Drip injector test

Injector Drip for a Lexus V8 engine

In the condition above, disconnect the test probes of SST (wire) from the battery and check the fuel leakage from the injector. Fuel drop: One drop or less per minute

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