Lexus V8 Fault Finding Procedures

Lexus V8 Fault Finding Procedures

The pre made harness must not be opened or tampered with to avoid the harness being void of all guarantee.

Simply switch on the switch on the fuse box

If there are no codes, the check engine light will flash 2 times per second CONSTANTLY with no patterns or pauses. If there are any codes, it will be shown in 2 digits codes. Example: code 24 is shown as 2 flashes, a pause followed by 4 flashes. If there are mode codes, the next one will transmitted after 2.5 seconds. (One some models, codes are displayed in one digit code only and the difference is the codes are displayed with 4.5 seconds delay between codes). When finished reading the codes, turn diagnostics off again before driving the vehicle

Here are the codes for Toyota vehicles 1988-2002 The number in the beginning of the description is the code flash number

1Normal Condition.

2Air Flow Meter signal.

3Ignition signal.

4Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.

5Oxygen Sensor.

6RPM signal (Crank Angle Pulse).

7Throttle Position Sensor signal.

8Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

9Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.

10Starter signal. (STA signal)

11Switch signal.11ECU/ECM.

12Knock Control Sensor signal.

12RPM signal.

13Knock Control CPU (ECM).

13RPM signal.

14Turbocharger Pressure.

14Ignition signal.

21Oxygen Sensor.

22Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.

23Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

24Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

25Air-Fuel Ratio Lean.

26Air-Fuel Ratio Rich.

27Sub Oxygen Sensor signal.

28No. 2 Oxygen Sensor signal.

31Air Flow Meter signal (Vacuum Sensor signal).

32Air Flow Meter signal.

34Turbocharger Pressure signal.

35Turbocharger Pressure Sensor signal.

35HAC Sensor signal.

41Throttle Position Sensor signal.

42Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.

43Starter signal.

51Switch signal.

52Knock Sensor signal.

53Knock Sensor signal.

54Inter-cooler ECM signal.

71EGR System.

72Fuel Cut Solenoid signal.

78Fuel Pump Control signal.

81TCM Communication.

83TCM Communication.

84TCM Communication.

85TCM Communication.

 99IMO Immobiliser system


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