Power Steering Pumps

Power Steering Pumps

Power Steering Pumps can be a bit niggle but they are simple and issues can be resolved very easily. There are two things to watch for. The one is the flow control valve as they can become stuck if there is a bit of dirt in the system. This can cause loss of pressure and cause the steering to work abnormally. Simply clean the valve and insure the internals of the pump are clean. The Lexus V8 power steering pumps are constructed using a gearing system and are very robust.

The second thing that can cause trouble is easy flow of ATF into the inlet of the pump. If the fluid cant flow into the pump at the same speed as the pump pumps then you will have cavitation. This causes a screeching sound as it is actually pumping a mixture of air and oil.

Lexus V8 Steering Pump

Power Steering pump for lexus v8 in stripped form


Replacement parts can be found at www.lexusv8.co.za

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