Throttle Position Sensors

Throttle Position Sensors

Throttle Position Sensors are important to have set up correctly. This will have a huge influence on idle and performance of your Lexus V8 Engine.

This will describe how to test it and set it up correctly on a Lexus V8 Pre VVT engine.

Throttle Position Sensor

TPS For Lexus V8 Engines


The throttle position sensor detects throttle angle and idle position of the throttle plate. A sub-throttle position sensor is used for traction control. Both sensors will set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) if a malfunction occurs.


The sensors are mounted on the throttle body.


Each sensor contains a potentiometer and an idle switch.


Whenever the throttle is opened, a varied resistance signal is reported to the ECU. When the throttle is returned to the idle position, the idle switch portion of the sensor is closed.

Check that there is no clearance between throttle stop screw and lever with throttle plate in the fully closed position.

V8 Lexus TPS Clearance Screw On

TPS Clearance Screw On Lexus V8

Loosen throttle position sensor set screws.

TPS Loosen Lexus V8

Loosen TPS Screws For Adjustment

Connect ohmmeter across throttle sensor terminals E2 and IDL.

Insert a 0.0157 inch (0.40 mm) feeler gauge between throttle stop screw and lever.

Checking Resistance on TPS

Checking Resistance on TPS

1UZ-FE Turning TPS

1UZFE Turning TPS

Slowly turn sensor clockwise until ohmmeter shows no continuity.

Tighten sensor set screws.

Check adjustment with the following feeler gauges and note ohm reading:

0.0157 inch (0.40 mm) – Continuity

0.0335 inch (0.85 mm) – No continuity

If desired results cannot be achieved, readjust sensor. If readings still cannot be achieved, replace sensor.

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